Black Palm Cockatoo (Goliath Cockatoo)

Black Palm Cockatoo (Goliath Cockatoo)

The most extensive cockatoo, the black hand cockatoo or goliath cockatoo, is actually noticeably attractive. This types is not typically loving. Having said that, along with significant training, hand-fed hand cockatoos can easily help make outstanding, tame family pets. When it is actually interacted, this species thrives. Like other cockatoos, it hungers for regular interaction with its owners. This bird’s plus size, beak durability, as well as unequal temperament make it very most ideal for seasoned bird proprietors. These strong parrots call for a brave proprietor to match.

Species Overview
TYPICAL NAMES: Black hand cockatoo, palm cockatoo, goliath cockatoo, excellent black cockatoo, Van Oort’s palm cockatoo, dark macaw

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Probosciger aterrimus

GROWNUP SIZE: 22 and 24 inches, examining in between 2 and also 3 pounds

EXPECTATION OF LIFE: Between 40 and also 60 years in the wild; as much as 80 to 90 years in bondage along with effective treatment

Origin and History

The black hand cockatoo is native to Australia, especially the extremely recommendation of northern Queensland. These birds usually reside the rain forest and also timberlands as well as home in hollow trees. It is actually typical to find them in tiny teams of 6 or far fewer birds.


To tamed this types, the bird needs a lot of attention as well as consistent training. It is actually a social as well as great bird, so if you are constant, you can obtain this bird to observe your demands.

This is one of the really couple of bird species that will use tools. In their organic habitat, male birds are going to utilize a sizable stick to “drum” versus a hollow tree just before opting for where to develop a nest. This behavior puzzles lots of researchers that examine birds.

Speech and also Vocalizations

This bird’s organic vocalisms have a human-like sound, including their signature “hello.” Their voice capability is actually well satisfied for discovering terms. They are just one of the best talking cockatoos.

A black palm cockatoo is not a really good option for bird proprietors that reside in houses or even condos. It creates quite specific, noisy phone calls, and also you (and also your next-door neighbors) need to become capable to tolerate loud noises to deal with one.

Black Palm Cockatoo Colors as well as Markings

The dark palm cockatoo is actually a quite dim, great smoky gray color that appears blacker on some birds than others. The very same color appears on their very long crest, and also their shoes and legs.

This otherwise single-colored bird has cherry mends of birthday suit on their cheeks, which change shades when the bird gets delighted. Their jowls are as striking as its dim grayish-black beak, offering it a very unique account up close.

The measurements and also form of the beak, as well as the truth that the upper as well as reduced jowls do not meet, produces it perfect for breaking available nuts. This varieties is actually not recommended for households with children.

This bird is actually a monomorphic types, suggesting there is actually no visual method to tell males coming from women. Genetic or even surgical sexing is essential if you want to establish sex.

Taking Care Of Black Palm Cockatoos

Though there is some appeal to these birds in the amazing pet profession, they are actually certainly not as typical as other cockatoos. Generally, they are actually viewed usually in zoos, specialist bird sanctuaries, and also bird programs. This singularity is actually usually due to their nature and also extensive treatment as well as training needs.

Black hand cockatoos must certainly not be actually left alone for more than eight hrs a time. If you sustain regular commitments outside of the residence for lengthy time periods, this species is certainly not the ideal option.

The black palm cockatoo requires a big enough cage to accommodate tour and play. The cage needs to go to the very least 10 feet long, 6 feet wide, and 6 feets higher. It is best to consider one of the smaller sized cockatoo varieties if you can easily not fit a crate an aviary or even this dimension.

These powder-down parrots appreciate bathrooms and also need to consistently acquire the option to get wet. The organic dirt shed by this bird can coat the neighboring areas and also activate allergic reactions for those sensitive to dirt or even creature pet pollen.

This bird’s long lifespan provides the species effectively because it commonly sets one egg every two years or two. One of the parrots, it has one of the lowest duplication fees.

Common Health Problems

Though it is a large bird, it is actually lightweight for its size as well as susceptible to being overweight in bondage. Various other common ailments that can easily affect these birds include kidney problems, microbial diseases, and also psittacine beak and also feather disease (PBFD), a viral health condition.

It may create personality issues such as plume plucking or too much howling if the bird does not obtain sufficient mental excitement.

Eating plan and Nutrition

In bush, black palm cockatoos typically supply in the early morning hrs. Its own indigenous diet plan is actually palm fruit product, almonds from the kanari tree (Java nuts), fibrous eucalyptus plant bark, as well as plant seeds. Their strong beak may open up the toughest nuts.

Like all cockatoos, dark hand cockatoos may quickly end up being overweight, so proprietors ought to carefully manage their fat consumption. One-half of its own food selection should feature high quality pellets, as well as the other half should be actually fresh bird-safe fruits and vegetables. From time to time feed almonds in the covering; this will exercise their beak. Keep nuts to a minimum required, though, as many are higher in excess fat.

Start by using your bird 1/3 cup of pellets as well as 1/3 cup of veggies as well as fruits daily. Improve the volume as needed to have. Never ever supply delicious chocolate or avocado; these foods are poisonous to birds.


Being actually big birds, they need tons of workout to sustain their bodily health. See to it that your bird is actually allowed a minimum required of 3 to 4 hrs beyond its cage daily so it can stretch its muscles, play, and also socialize with you. These birds call for frequently booked time for training.

These birds are curious. See to it you supervise all of them when away from the cage to stop crashes as well as unwanted chewing on your home goods, furnishings, or even walls. If your bird chews on all of them, be actually conscious of power wires around the house; these are actually possibly harmful.

Toys offer enrichment as well as is going to keep the bird occupied. Deliver a lot of excitement along with wood playthings, ropes, and also other factors the bird can chew on. Consistently possess more playthings easily on call when they get damaged. Revolve playthings basics as the bird loses interest. Playstands, perches, step ladders, as well as swings may likewise aid your bird burn off excess energy.

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Where to Adopt or even Buy the Black Palm Cockatoo

Prior to getting a black hand cockatoo, contact dog breeders to see if you can easily spend some opportunity with all of them as well as their birds. Acquiring to understand someone that possesses knowledge raising these one-of-a-kind birds will certainly assist you determine if they are actually right for you.

This bird is a guarded types, and you are going to need CITES allow proving its own origin to have one. Another alternative is to search bird saves because many managers give these birds up after recognizing that they are a handful.

  • Bird Breeders
  • Saving the Birds
  • Take on a Pet

Be sure that the bird you would like to take home looks out, energetic, and exhibits all the indicators of a healthy bird, such as bright eyes, well-maintained plumes, as well as complete plants.

To tame this varieties, the bird calls for a whole lot of attention and regular instruction. It is actually a brilliant and also social bird, thus if you are constant, you can acquire this bird to follow your demands. There is actually some beauty to these birds in the exotic pet profession, they are certainly not as typical as various other cockatoos.

Just before acquiring a dark hand cockatoo, connect with breeders to see if you can easily devote some opportunity along with all of them and their birds. One more alternative is to search bird rescues given that numerous managers offer these birds up after realizing that they are a handful.